Thursday, October 20, 2005

Workshop: Mindstorm Robolab 03/19/06

Reading Public Museum in Reading, PA to have Mindstroms Workshop!

Participants in the Mindstorm Robolab workshop will have the opportunity to work with LEGO Mindstorms robotics equipment used in Technology Education programs to teach robotics and system control technology. Students will be constructing, programming, and testing robots that are created using LEGO building materials and the RCX mini computer brick as the control unit for all robotic functions. The workshop will be hands-on with a variety of design challenges that will provide an excellent exposure to technology, problem solving, computer programming and cooperative learning activities used in Technology Education programs.

Instructor is Matthew Cullen a Technology Education Teacher at Kutztown Area Middle School.

Age is 11-14 (high school students welcome to participate and will be able to complete enhancement activities to enrich the experience). Limit is 18 students. Students will work in teams of two. $15 members, $25.00 non-members. Pre-registration is required by calling 610.371.5850 ext. 235.

Mindstorm Robolab workshop dates are: Feb. 26th at 9am or 1pm; March 19th at 9am or 1pm; and May 14th at 9am or 1pm. (All these dates and times are the same workshop - please indicate which date and time when calling to register.)9am OR 1pm

More info: Wish they had this for adults too!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Finished The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide

Just finished reading 'The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide' and I have to say this is a really great book for anyone looking to get into LEGO buuilding beyond the standard sets.

It gives to terminology so you don't feel stupid when you head out on the net to find others interested in the same hobby.

This is certainly a great gift idea for any young person or adult looking to expand their enjoyment of LEGO!